SOAP UI 3.0 vs WSI Tools

The SOAPUI 3.0 by default comes with wsi-test-tools. When a wsdl is checked against for WS-I compliance it throws a “Premature end of file” error from sax parser. This is apparently a bug in soap ui 3.0. To fix this, follow these steps:

  • Download the wsi-test-tools from (Interoperability Testing Tools 1.1); Expand the zip
  • Goto SOAP UI , Preferences menu > WS-I settings > Tools , set the value to the directory upto “wsi-test-tools”.
  • Run the ws-i compliance (Ctrl + Alt + W) again and the report should be generated fine.
  • If the wsdl is hosted on https, dont forget to import the keys into the jre/lib/security/certs which is located under $eviware_home directory.