Recover site collection from a backup

I had accidentally restored a site collection (using Restore-SPSite) from another web application over our ongoing development site collection. Which meant the front-end (SharePoint Designer) work done on the development was lost.

Luckily I had a SQL database backup of the content database. I got the database restored into another similar existing web application (instead of creating a new web application again).

When I hit the site, I got the error

400 BAD Request

Now in the Central Admin, Manage Content Databases, I see that the content database indeed had one site collection. Ok, site collection is there, but is there a web?

$s = Get-SPSite http://mysite


So, the rootweb is missing or not recognized. When I googled various forums, surprisingly there is not a solution to be found for this. I tried recycling the apppool, iisreset, mounting the content database with a new assignment id. Nothing worked.

But the solution itself is simple. Just detach and re-attach the content database to the web application.

Dismount-ContentDatabase $contentDb
Mount-ContentDatabase -ContentDatabase $contentD -DatabaseServer $dbServer -WebApplication http://mysite

3 Responses to Recover site collection from a backup

  1. Nick Grattan says:

    Thanks. This technique works, however the cmdlets are:


  2. Steve says:

    Thank you for posting this. I’ve just had the same issue and spent quite a bit of time trying to resolve it. Your blog saved me!


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